Special Thanks

Dream Horse AZ, Jeff Cook

Dream Horse AZ

Jeff and Kelsey Cook have been instrumental in the success of Charlie Five. Jeff has decades of experience training horses and competed in his first Mustang Makeover in 2016. Dream Horse has a solid reputation and believes in matching horses with people, not just training for the dollar. So far Charlie Five has received three horses from them. Kelsey also serves on the Charlie Five board of directors and Jeff acts as a mentor to Jeremy. 

5 Star Equine Products

5 Star Equine Products

As Jeremy made his way through the Montana wilderness he noticed that the horses that had 5 Star pads on their back never got sore. He also noticed that after hundreds of miles in the saddle, the pads never looked any worse than the before the first mile he put on them.
5 Star Equine Products was the first company we reached out to after founding Charlie Five and we are incredibly blessed to be a part of Team 5 Star!

Truth Saddlery

Truth Saddlery has been a huge supporter of Charlie Five since early on when they donated a saddle to us. We've gotten' quite a few good compliments on it and its Jeremy's go to. Truth puts a lot back into the community and we're proud to be a part of the Truth Saddlery Team!

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