Wish List and Financials


Our Commitment

 Charlie Five is committed to helping others while maintaining the highest level of transparency. With your generous donations we are able to better fulfill our mission of providing horses with purpose and perpetuating growth of equine based therapy programs.  

We are a small nonprofit and we run on a limited budget. These are things we are in need of that will ensure we are able to safely and effectively train horses. As always, thank you for your support! 

Items Needed

Feed (Quality hay, grain and pelleted feed is always needed) 


​​Quality Saddle

​Bridles, Bits, Reins

Rope Halters, Lead Ropes

Lunge Lines, Lunge Whips


Chaps (Chinks)



Pack Saddle​ and Rigging (Custom Pack Rigging Aluminum Adjustable #10


Manty Tarps

Ranch Ropes

Big Ticket Items:

3/4 Ton or Larger Pickup


2019 Annual Report

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