Sgt Jacob Greenlief, USMC and Midnight

About Sgt Greenlief

Sergeant Jacob Greenlief grew up in Kirkwood, a small farming community in mid-western Illinois. He completed high school at Yorkwood High School and joined the United States Marine Corps in 2008. His first duty station was with 2nd Battalion 5th Marines where he participated in four deployments to South East Asia and the Middle East, including Operation Tomidachi and Operation Enduring Freedom. He then went to 1st Battalion 8th Marines where he was injured in a helicopter crash in 2015.

"After my retirement in 2017 I had a hard time relating with anyone. I felt like I was in the dark and no one understood. I found the Jinx McCain Horsemanship Program through chance with the Semper Fi Fund. The JMHP brought me back to my life before the Marines. I grew up with horses but I forgot how relatable they are.

They taught me many things like compassion, understanding, and even my body language. I started to learn from horses how to interact with people again.

My family can tell a difference when I am working with horses. I have a great wife and two amazing kids that have also helped me in the worst of times. They say that I look like I am at peace with everything going on when I am riding a horse. I come home from riding more relaxed.

I think horses are one of the greatest tools to help people with any type of emotional, mental, or physical problem. They’re a healing tool that everyone should use!"



Midnight is a registered American Quarter Horse Gelding.  Brad and Kristin Ochs of Elizabeth, Colorado contacted Charlie Five to ask us if we would be interested  in receiving a horse donation.  They heard about Charlie Five after watching the Chris Cox Horsemanship program on RFD-TV and wanted to get involved with what we do. Midnight stands about 14.2 hands high and is 7 years old. While he does not have much experience with cattle, he is gentle enough for children and Jacob has the experience to train him. 

Jacob and Midnight Meet

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