Eric & Dunkin

Dunkin was the mule that got Jeremy his start when he did his apprenticeship in Wyoming. When Dunkin arrived he hadn't been handled in quite a long time. Because of that he was prettly wild. Jeremy began to hone his skills while working with Dunkin, taking him from a mule that was difficult to halter to being used as a pack animal in the back country. 

Jeremy brought Dunkin back to New Mexico but soon realized that he couldn't really provide him with the kind of work Dunkin needed to thrive. 

Jeremy met Eric Lynn at Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2017 and they hit it off. They swapped stories about everything from ponies to their time in the military. 

Eric made a career out of the United States Air Force and served both as an enlisted man as well as and officer. 

Following his military career he started his own business Mountain Ridge Gear where he manufactures high quality equine packing and outdoor gear.  He also enjoys working with equines, mostly donkeys and mules.

Because Charlie Five could not keep Dunkin employed, we decided that a home in Colorado where he would take frequent trips to the backcountry was where he belonged.